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divorce mediation.jpegIn the vast majority of divorce cases (and all family law cases for that matter) in Duval County, Family Law Judges order parties to attend Mediation prior to trial. As a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer, I know that the majority of these cases can be settled at Mediation.

What exactly happens at Mediation? Well, in Mediation, a neutral third party (the mediator) helps negotiate a marital settlement agreement between the divorcing couple. However, it is important to know, the mediator cannot force either party to agree to anything. The decision-making is truly left up to both parties, which is of course completely opposite then if the parties were to go before a Judge. The mediator can meet with the parties together and/or separately to see if a compromise can be reached, which tends to be far more relaxed and informal then trial.

If an agreement is reached during the mediation, it is immediately reduced to writing. Which then, basically becomes the final divorce decree, and is legally binding. After an agreement is made and reduced to writing at mediation all that is left to do is have the Judge sign the agreement and thus make the divorce final.

dress.jpgHiring a good Florida Family Law Attorney is one of the more important decisions you can make in your family law issue. A good attorney will use the most persuasive means to advocate your cause.

Sometimes, however, people overlook a very important aspect of persuasion: your attire. As the client, you want to give the court the best impression you can. This means you need to dress conservatively. The court may not say anything if you show up in jeans and a cut-off shirt; however, the court definitely does notice it. You want to make a good impression, so wear something you might wear to church or to a nice restaurant.

Most of all, you want to convey respect to the court. Look presentable. The court might not notice if you got a new haircut, but it will definitely notice if you just rolled out of bed. Being presentable to the court will help your Florida Family Law Attorney persuade the court to your side. Contact an attorney to discuss any family law issues you may have.

grandparents.jpgFlorida law stipulates that families resolve differences over grandparent time-sharing within the family. However, when families are unable to resolve differences relating to grandparent time-sharing, the law provides that the family shall participate in any formal or informal mediation services that may be available.

As a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney, mediating time-sharing disputes is something I continually deal with. Should you have any questions relating to paternal rights and/or grandparent time-sharing in Florida, feel free to contract me at any time!

marriage counselor.jpgA new North Dakota bill is getting a lot of attention in the North Dakota legislature, as it is proposing mandatory marriage counseling in all divorce cases. The drafters of the bill want all married couples, with the exemption of cases with substantiated allegations of domestic abuse, to wait one year to get a divorce while they attend mandatory marriage counseling.


Florida does not require mandatory marriage counseling when a married couple is seeking to obtain a divorce. Instead, in Florida the Court may refer parties to mediation in cases where parental responsibility, primary residence, timesharing, or child support are contested.

To find out more about what Florida courts require in regards to divorce proceedings contact a Neptune Beach Divorce Attorney.

Child Custody: The Best Interests of the Child Standard.

Florida Family Law Lawyers know the importance of the Best Interests of the Child Standard. However, those going through a custody dispute may be somewhat unfamiliar. First it is important to know that the (BIC) standard is the primary focus for a Family law judge when decided a custody case. In any custody battle it is vital not lose sight of the importance of making decisions in the best interest of the child(ren). Some of the factors courts take into consideration when determining custody and time-sharing issues are as follows:

The wishes of the child;

Any Jacksonville, Florida Divorce Lawyer will tell you that the courts require mediation. But what is mediation? Your Jacksonville Divorce Attorney will tell you that mediation in Florida is a process to help you and your spouse work out a divorce agreement in Florida. The process is not designed to save the marriage but it is designed to help you and your spouse, through your Florida divorce lawyer, to reach an agreement to avoid a lengthy trial and lots of costs to you and your spouse. If you have questions about mediation in Florida, please contact a Florida divorce attorney at 904-685-1200.

As an experienced Jacksonville, Florida divorce attorney, I feel it’s the divorce lawyer’s responsibility to provide a workable solution for the divorce in Florida especially if there are children involved. Although nasty Florida divorce cases are common, the areas of custody and visitation or time-sharing are the top highly contested disputes, followed by spousal support and division of retirement accounts in Florida. Your Jacksonville divorce lawyer must be experienced enough to counsel you through the proceeding and to protect your interests from the initial client consultation through mediation to the final hearing. Its important to find a Jacksonville divorce attorney who doesn’t create roadblocks to settlement. Once the boxing gloves come off and people start to heal, a workable agreement should be able to be reached for both parties ultimate best benefit. Call me at 904-685-1200 if you need an experienced Florida divorce attorney to help you through this difficult and emotional process.

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