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Child Custody: The Best Interests of the Child Standard.

Florida Family Law Lawyers know the importance of the Best Interests of the Child Standard. However, those going through a custody dispute may be somewhat unfamiliar. First it is important to know that the (BIC) standard is the primary focus for a Family law judge when decided a custody case. In any custody battle it is vital not lose sight of the importance of making decisions in the best interest of the child(ren). Some of the factors courts take into consideration when determining custody and time-sharing issues are as follows:

The wishes of the child;
The mental and physical health of the parents;
Any religious and/or cultural considerations;
The need for a stable home environment;
Any evidence of parental drug, alcohol or sex abuse.

If you are going through a divorce with children or a paternity battle it may be in your best interest as well as your child(ren) to contact a FL. Child Custody Law Attorney for help.

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