Who Should be the Decision Maker for the children?

fork in road.jpgWhen divorcing in Jacksonville, Florida, couples have one big decision to make regarding how their divorce process will play out. Divorcing couples can choose to go down the often less stressful and short road of an uncontested divorce by deciding they will be the decision maker in the divorce process or they can decide to go down the long and often tumultuous road of a contested divorce giving full decision making power to the Family Law Judge.

If divorcing couples are smart they will save time and money by choosing to attend mediation (which is almost always court ordered in Jacksonville, Florida) and come to an amicable agreement in regards to the splitting of assets and debts and time with any minor children. If parties choose to take this route their divorce can be completed within a matter of a few months.

However, taking the uncontested/mediating avenue is not always an option. Sometimes parties can just not agree. After all, roughly 10% of divorces end in a trial. When this occurs a Judge decides the parties fate. It has been my experience, as a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer, that neither party is truly happy with the Judge’s decision. Not only may the parties’ be unhappy with the Judge’s ruling, they likely spent a substantial amount of money in attorney’s fees and the process could have lasted many many months.

If you are considering divorce in Jacksonville, Florida and believe you and your spouse can choose the path of least resistance contact a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer to discuss the possibility of an uncontested divorce.

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