Do I Need An Attorney At Mediation?

divorce mediation.jpgOne of the questions that many people ask when they come into my office is “do I need to have a lawyer at mediation?” While each St. Augustine divorce case is different, the short answer is “Yes.” Even if you have begun your St. Augustine Divorce case on your own, having a lawyer at any stage of your divorce, a really good idea to have at your mediation.

Many judges will order divorce proceedings to go to mediation before a judge will make a final determination and mediations can present several unique circumstances that you may not anticipate or know exactly how to deal with. There are several things to keep in mind if you plan on not hiring a St. Augustine Divorce Attorney to represent you at mediation:

1) The mediator cannot and will not give you legal advice like a St. Augustine Divorce Attorney can. A St. Augustine Divorce Attorney will ensure that you have the information necessary to make an informed decision.

2) If you agree to something at mediation that is not in your best interests, the mediator will not stop you. A St. Augustine Divorce Attorney can prevent you from making agreements that are not beneficial for you.

3) Signed agreements entered into at mediation are binding on you even if you change your mind later.

4) Even if you feel you are close to an agreement prior to mediation, hashing out minor issues, such as relating to the kids’ schedule, may become emotional and the mediation may go awry.

Many people who want to represent themselves in divorce and at mediation are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, but one way to save money may be to hire a lawyer only for the mediation. This can be a economically beneficial for you while ensuring you come to the agreement most beneficial for you.

If you are facing an upcoming mediation in your St. Augustine Divorce Case, contact a St. Augustine Divorce Attorney today. Mediation can be a very effective tool in coming to an agreement in your divorce proceedings and reaching an agreement at mediation means you have control over the outcome and not a judge, which most people find to be more beneficial.

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