Same-Sex Couples Adopting Around the Country

Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian adoptions.jpgLawyers representing same-sex couples wanting to adopt in Maryland file in the favored jurisdiction of Baltimore City Circuit Court. Although more and more Maryland circuit courts are granting adoptions to same-sex couples, lawyers who focus their practice on gay families will recommend filing in a friendly jurisdiction. Read more on this article at Baltimore Court: A magnet for Same-Sex Parents.

The topic of civil rights for gay individuals and families have sparked debates throughout the country, as in Maryland, where the General Assembly is expected to take up same-sex marriage again next year; and in Florida, where an appeals court struck down a ban on gay adoptions last year.

Conservative groups nationwide have criticized judicial activism contending that children should be raised in families with a mother and father. But gay and lesbian advocates point to the medical community. The American Psychological Association disputes the claim that children are more successful when raised by heterosexual parents. The American Medical Association also supports adoption by same-sex couples.

Maryland, like Florida, has counties that are more “gay friendly” than others. It is important to remember the most important issue when talking about gay adoptions is that it broadens the pool of adoptive parents and reduces the number of children bouncing from foster home to foster home.

Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal which struck down the ban prohibiting a gay person from adopting is currently the “law of the land” in Florida. Adoption can be a very complicated legal procedure, especially if you are gay. If you have questions about adopting in Florida, consult with a Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian Estate Planning Lawyer.

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