Federal Regulations Granting Florida Gay and Lesbian Partners Hospital Visitation Rights.

A Department of Health and Human Services regulation will prohibit hospitals receiving Medicare or Medicaid funding from discriminatory visitation rules, beginning in 2011. The rule will prohibit discrimination in visitation policies based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Florida hospitals often bar visitors who are not related to a patient. Although there may be new rules, it is still advisable to consult with a St. Augustine Family Law Firm and prepare a hospital or health care visitation authorization document. This will give you written evidence of whom you want to visit you, and who can make health care decisions on your behalf, in the event of your incapacity.

Make sure you and your lesbian and gay partner living in St. Augustine or Jacksonville are protected in the event of future illness or injury, by talking with a Gay and Lesbian Family Law Attorney, about legal documents such as a Designation of Agent for Health Care Visitation and Designation of Health Care Surrogate. These documents will preserve your wishes in the event you are unable to express them at the time they are needed.

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