Calculating Florida Child Support For The Unemployed

kid w calculator.jpgIn divorce cases in Florida, child support is required to be calculated in every marriage that results in children. The amount of support owed by either parent is calculated based on factors according to a formula set forth by the state of Florida.

Based on Florida law, if one of the parents is out of work and that parent cannot prove that they are employed to the best of their abilities, or attempting employment to the best of their abilities, then a judge can attribute the national median wage that is current to that parent. Currently, that median income can be as much as $40,000 per year.

Essentially, that means all efforts by someone who is going through a Ponte Vedra child support proceeding to improve or find employment need to be thoroughly documented and all efforts to find employment must be in good faith. If a Ponte Vedra parent is not able to be employed to the national median income level, they are better off being fully employed to the maximum of their abilities when facing a Ponte Vedra child support case.

If you are facing a Ponte Vedra child support case, contact a Ponte Vedra Child Support Lawyer today. Documenting all efforts is always the easiest way to help your Ponte Vedra Child Support Laywer prove income in your case.

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