Two-Year Marriages in Mexico City?

till death do us part.jpgMost of us think of marriage as lasting “till death do us part”, but high divorce rates are making that sentiment less of a reality. Facing a high divorce rate, legislators in Mexico City have made waves recently by proposing legislation that limits the marriage commitment to two years, as many divorces occur within those first two years.

The bill is not yet law and still needs to address issues such as child support and estate planning. Nevertheless, proponents argue it will save money and time by allowing couples to choose a two-year marriage if they’d like. Of course, the bill has been met with plenty of opposition from Mexico’s conservative groups. These groups claim the bill ignores fundamental aspects of marriage, which should be a lifetime commitment.

Nevertheless, this bill is an interesting method for solving rising divorce rates. It’s unlikely that such bills will be proposed–let alone passed–in the US anytime soon. However, if you are going through a divorce, contact a Florida Family Law Attorney today.

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