New Florida Alimony Law!

alimony.jpgAs of July 1, 2010 the State of Florida made significant changes to its alimony laws. These changes will affect all divorce proceedings initiated after July 1 as well as those that were initiated prior to July 1 and are still unresolved.

Durational alimony’s predecessor, permanent alimony, gave the Judge the ability to award alimony to the spouse in need on a permanent basis. However, Durational alimony no longer allows the Judge to award alimony permanently. Instead, the Judge can award durational alimony for a length of time not to exceed the length of the marriage.

This is just a small glance at what changes have been made. Look for future posts on other issues pertaining to the new alimony laws. If this change in law has a direct effect on you or someone you know contact a Jacksonville Alimony Law Attorney today.

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