Gay and Lesbian Adoption Now a Reality for LGBT Community

images-2 dads.jpgJacksonville Florida gay and lesbian couples are ready to adopt. Now that the Florida law banning gay and lesbian individuals from adopting has been lifted, many same-sex Florida couples are making their dreams of a family, a reality.

Florida “second-parent” adoption procedures allow the biological parent’s same-sex partner to adopt a child without terminating the rights of the biological or adoptive parent.

Children being raised in Jacksonville by same-sex parents are at a disadvantage if they only have a legal relationship with one of those parents. The legal parent may not have benefits or health insurance coverage for their child, but the non-legal parent does. Social security death benefits will not be provided to a child that does not have a legal relationship with the parent who dies.

There are many questions that must be considered when deciding whether second parent adoption is the right course for you. Florida Gay Adoption is still a new and evolving legal area and it is important to discuss the issues with an attorney. To learn more, call a Jacksonville Florida Adoption Attorney today.

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