Name Change in Florida

change my name.jpgAre you a Jacksonville Florida resident and have been considering legal changing your name for a while now? If so, don’t go into the new year with a name you hate. Contact a Jacksonville Name Change Lawyer to get the process of changing your name moving.

The process to have an adult name change in Jacksonville involves; filing a Petition with the court, having a criminal background check done, having fingerprints taken, and appearing before a judge at a final hearing.

Why fingerprints? The Court wants to insure that a Petitioner is not trying to evade any criminal proceedings or related issues. Florida Statute 68.07 reads as follows: “Before the court hearing on a petition for a name change, the petitioner must have fingerprints submitted for a state and national criminal history records check, except if a former name is being restored. Fingerprints for the petitioner shall be taken in a manner approved by the Department of Law Enforcement and shall be submitted electronically to the department for state processing for a criminal history records check. The department shall submit the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for national processing. The department shall submit the results of the state and national records check to the clerk of the court. The court shall consider the results in reviewing the information contained in the petition and evaluating whether to grant the petition. When a petition is filed which requires a criminal history records check, the clerk of the court shall instruct the petitioner on the process for having fingerprints taken and submitted, including providing information on law enforcement agencies or service providers authorized to submit fingerprints electronically to the Department of Law Enforcement. The cost of processing fingerprints and conducting the state and national criminal history records check required under this subsection shall be borne by the petitioner for the name change or by the parent or guardian of a minor for whom a name change is being sought.”

To learn more about the process of legally changing your name contact a Jacksonville Name Change Lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

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