Millionaire Dead-Beat Dad in Sunshine State

john stanton.jpgNot far from Jacksonville, Hillsborough County Judge Caroline Tesche is dealing with a “dead-beat dad” who owes approximately $10 million in child and spousal support. ABC News is reporting that Judge Tesche sentenced, “dead beat dad”, John Stanton to five months and 29 days in jail. However, Mr. Stanton avoided arrest yesterday, Thursday, December 15, 2011, because he did not appear in court. Yet, there is a warrant out for his arrest.

Jacksonville has its own plethora of “dead-beat dads” and the Duval County Court Family Law Judges deal with them on a daily basis. A Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer, takes “dead-beat dads” to court regularly and knows how to have them found in contempt.

If you live in the Jacksonville area and are not receiving your court ordered child support or alimony contact a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer to schedule a free consultation.

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