Divorce, Seperation, and Restraining Orders

jessica jacobsen.jpegIn Jacksonville, Florida injunctions (commonly known as restraining orders) can be very beneficial and are often times necessary for victims of domestic violence. However, as a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney, I know with injunctions come obstacles.

For example, lets say Husband and Wife with two children decide to get a divorce. The Husband has been both emotionally and physically abusive to Wife. Wife secures an injunction for protection against Husband. Due to the physical and emotional abuse the Family Law Judge in the divorce grants Husband temporary supervised timesharing (visitation) with the children. How are the children going to be exchanged for Husband’s timesharing?

In Jacksonville we have the Family Nurturing Center (FNC). The FNC serves as a meet up point for supervised exchanges. Precautions are taken to ensure that the Husband and Wife have no contact with each other.

Baltimore, Maryland is now working on there own form of the FNC. Unfortunately, this came to late for Jessica Jacobsen and her two children. In 2007, Jessica Jacobsen filed for divorce from her husband, Jeff Jacobsen, as well as secured a restraining order against him. Jeff Jacobsen’s timesharing with the children was then to be initiated by exchanges supervised by a third party. During an exchange, supervised by Jeff’s Jacobsen’s father, Jeff Jacobsen shot and killed Jessica Jacobsen then himself in front of the parties’ minor children. See, “City to Create New Child Custody Handoff Center” for more on this tragic story.

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