Support Arguments that Don’t Matter

divorce money.jpgAs a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney I am all to familiar with the topics discussed in Georgialee Lang’s article, 5 Support Arguments That Don’t Matter in Divorce Court. In the article, Ms. Lang lists and describes what she deems to be the five most common complaints in divorce cases. Ms. Lang lists the complaints as follows:

(1) My wife left me to move in with her boyfriend, why do I have to pay her spousal support?

(2) My ex spouse has remarried, why do I still have to pay spousal support?

(3) Why does my ex get spousal support after my death?

(4) Why am I still paying child support for my 24 year old child?

(5) Why doesn’t my ex spouse have to contribute to child support?

Ms. Lang goes into brief detail on each of the above-mentioned complaints, however, as a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer I know these questions can be answered in numerous ways depending on what jurisdiction the case is in.

For example the answer to complaint number four listed above is different in Jacksonville, Florida. Specifically, in Jacksonville, Florida child support is paid until the child is 18. However, there are exceptions such as if the child turns 18 and is still in high school, or if the child is disabled, or if the parents previously agreed to a later termination date.

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