Domestic Battery Going Unprosecuted in Topeka, Kansas

kansas.jpgThis does not have any real effect on Jacksonville, Florida, but it goes to show how politics and lack of funds can severely limit law enforcement with regard to harmful criminal acts. For the past 25 years, the county has prosecuted the city’s misdemeanors. After a 10% budget cut, however, county officials said they would no longer prosecute those crimes, saying the city should pick up the tab. The city, however, says it does not have any money. Further, the city points out that its attorneys don’t have any experience prosecuting the matters because the county has done it for the past 25 years.

The fight has been going on for a month. During that time, the city’s misdemeanors — including some charges of domestic battery — have gone largely unpunished. The city is hoping the county continues prosecuting these crimes, but it’s unclear when the issue will be resolved.

Domestic violence is a serious issue for both men and women. The act itself is a crime, but there are other personal and legal issues that come with domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious issue and if you or someone you know is in a violent relationship, contact local authorities.

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