Los Angeles Dodgers Owner Reaches Divorce Agreement With His Soon To Be Ex-Wife

frank mccourt.jpgThe Daily Pitch is reporting that Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached a divorce agreement that will give Frank McCourt, the Los Angeles Dodgers Owner, sole control over the Dodgers. Jamie McCourt, on the other hand, will be leaving the marriage with a hefty $130 million in her pocket. The settlement is believed to be the costliest divorce in California history.

As a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney, I can’t help but think of how less costly the McCourt’s divorce could have been had they worked together and agreed to settle nearly two years ago. In Jacksonville, I see clients argue over the most insignificant things because they are experiencing so many emotions due to the divorce. I can only assume that is what the McCourts did, except for on a much larger financial scale.

I personally tell my Jacksonville clients to look at the big picture and to try to take emotions out of the decision making as much as possible. This is often a difficult thing for clients to do, however; I know in the long run it is the best way to go about a divorce.

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