Termination of Parental Rights

gavel.jpgAs a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer, I receive numerous inquiries regarding issues relating to termination of parental rights. For example, just this morning a mother contacted me and asked if she could terminate the parental rights of her daughter’s biological father. The biological father had not seen the child since September 2010 and has made no attempt to contact her for visitation purposes. The mother would like to terminate the biological father’s parental rights and allow the child’s step father to adopt.

In situations like that described above, I turn to Florida Statute 39.806. This statute covers the Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights, which range from mutual consent by the parties to abandonment.

Depending on the circumstances in the above described situation, the parental rights of the biological father may be terminated. However, there are numerous legal hoops that would need to be jumped prior to the termination being granted.

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