Florida Anti-Gay Adoption Ban Celebrates One Year Anniversary

GAY_Adoption_707080_xlarge.jpegHow time flies, it was October 22, 2010, when the Martin Gill decision held Florida’s ban on gay individuals adopting unconstitutional. A great victory for all Floridians and all people. Despite this win it is still crucial for same-sex parents of children to review their current estate planning documents, such as Wills, Trusts, Pre-Need Guardianship papers, Powers of Attorney and Designation of Health Care Surrogates. If you have never executed these type of legal documents, the time is now.

Individuals who are in a same-sex relationship, but who are NOT the legal parent of their “children” need to consult with a Family Law Attorney who is sensitive to the issues of gay and lesbian couples with children. There are documents needed to protect not only your relationship with your same-sex partner, but with your non-biological and non-legal kids.

The Florida court case which has allowed the LGBT community to adopt is just the beginning, however, despite this win, it is still important to consult with a LBGT friendly law firm to ensure that your rights and those of your family are protected.

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