Domestic Violence: Should I Represent Myself at an Injunction Hearing?

gavel.jpegMany individuals who are served with petitions for injunctions go at it alone and attempt to defend the injunctions in court without an attorney. The question I often see is “should I just defend the injunction on my own?” There are many issues that could potentially arise without the help of a knowledgable Jacksonville Family Law attorney.

An injunction can have effects that go further than requiring you to stay away from a particular person. Many times injunctions can affect a person’s work and family life, too. If you are facing a party that is represented by a knowledgable attorney you stand a low chance of overcoming a well-written injunction petition or having your petition granted if you are the petitioning party. Furthermore, a knowledgeable attorney can take advantage of the rules of evidence, something many “pro-se” individuals (people who are not represented by an attorney) have little expertise in. By doing so an attorney can take advantage of the pro-se parties lack of knowledge in the rules of evidence and prevent them from getting much of any testimony presented to the judge. I personally see this happen on a regular basis in injunction court.

The best advice is not to look over such a disadvantage, especially in a matter that can have so many repercussions for an individual. If you are the subject of an injunction petition, looking to file a petition for injunction, or are facing an impending family law matter in general, contact a Jacksonville Family Law attorney to represent you.

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