Hubbard House and Domestic Violence

hubbard house.jpegHubbard House was the first domestic violence center to open in the state of Florida. To date, the center has been critical in helping thousands of domestic violence victims – be it man, woman, or child. The center is celebrating its 35-year anniversary since opening the doors in 1976. Hubbard House has been integral in creating the significant number of options a victim of domestic violence has today compared to what was available prior to 1976.

Hubbard House doesn’t just provide an emergency shelter. The House provides adult and youth outreach services, school-based education, therapeutic childcare, batterers intervention programs, court advocacy and volunteer and community education. So Thank You, Hubbard House, for all that you do for Northeast Florida!

Remember that if you or anyone you love is ever in the unfortunate situation of dealing with domestic abuse, referring that individual to Hubbard House could be a life or death move. 10 people on average per year in Jacksonville are killed as a result of unreported domestic abuse, far too many in the eyes of the Hubbard House.

In an abusive relationship, also be sure to seek the help of a Jacksonville Domestic Violence Lawyer who can help assert your rights as a battered spouse.

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