Divorce Hotel? A two day divorce

hotel.jpgEver hear of a “Divorce Hotel?” No. Well neither had I until I read a recent Fox News.com article titled, “Dutch ‘Divorce Hotel’ Helps Couples Untie The Knot.”

Apparently, a new divorce concept has developed in the Netherlands that is catching a lot of attention across the globe. The concept, “Divorce Hotel” assists divorcing spouses by arranging a weekend with a mediator and numerous lawyers that will help the divorcing couple determine the splitting of assets and debts, alimony payments, child support payments and child custody. According to the concepts creator, Jim Halfens, “when they leave the hotel, all work is done.”

This is an intriguing idea for many reasons. Divorce proceedings can lead to extremely high legal fees and court costs and can last for many months. The “Divorce Hotel” creates an avenue that can cost much less than a traditional divorce and a time span as short as a two day hotel stay.

If you are considering divorce and are looking for a quick and easy resolution contact a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer to discuss the appropriate avenue for your situation.

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