Florida Divorce and the New Year

newyearsjaxphoto.jpgMany Florida divorce attorneys refer to the first Monday of the New Year as “divorce day.” Why is this you may ask? Well for many married couples the New Year means new beginnings and for some couples it means time to split from their spouse and file for divorce.
The first Monday of the New Year is the day some married couples contact divorce attorneys to get a new start and a new lease on life.
There are a few reasons for this:

  • One is too much holiday time together.
  • Another reason is that couples with children don’t want to spoil the holidays for their kids, so they choose to wait until the holidays are over.
  • A third is money. Many couples choose to face the hefty financial burden of the holidays together, but part ways when it’s over. Or, they’re waiting to use tax refund money to help offset their upcoming legal fees.
  • If you find yourself considering divorce as your new beginning this New Year call a Jacksonville Florida Divorce Lawyer today to get all the help you need.

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