What Happens If I Do Not Pay Child Support?

In my practice as a Florida child support lawyer, I see people all the time who have been affected by these tough economic times and now cannot pay the Florida child support obligation that has been ordered. If you have been ordered by a Florida court to pay child support, and you do not pay that support, there are two routes a court can take to punish you for not paying. One route is a Florida child support attorney can file a motion for contempt against you, and the court can order a judgment against you for the delinquent amount with interest accruing until you pay plus any administrative costs, filing fees, and any other expense the court deems necessary. These costs can add up quickly.
If the other party can prove that you did not pay on purpose, you could be deemed “in contempt of court” and possibly jailed for this offense.
If you believe that the child support amount you have been ordered to pay are not correct, the best avenue is to continue paying until a Judge can rule on the matter and enter a separate order correcting the child support amount. You should consult a Florida Child Support attorney to assist you in determining the legal avenue you should pursue make sure you are paying the correct amount.

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