Child Custody and Parent’s Religious Views

baptism.jpgAs a Florida child custody attorney, parents often ask me if one spouse can limit their right to raise their child in any one religion. Florida custody lawyers recognize that there are many different religions that create very diverse belief systems, especially when it comes to the custody of children in Florida and their medical care. In the recent case of Winters v. Brown, in the Fourth District Court of Florida, the court came to the conclusion that the court can limit exposing the child to the religious views of a parent where the parent’s religion will be harmful to the child.

In this case, the mother believed in a religion that would not allow the child to receive any type of vaccination. The father wanted the child to be protected by the medical benefits of being vaccinated against deadly diseases. The Court ruled that not giving the child vaccinations could cause physical and serious harm to the child.

If you find yourself in a similar circumstances, where you do not agree with the other parent regarding religious practices used on your child, you should contact a Jacksonville Child Custody Lawyer who can advise you regarding your rights, and the rights of your child.

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