Estate Planning In Florida Can Keep Your Family Together

As a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney, it is expected that, on a daily basis, I see family members disputing. Usually these disputes are over matters such as divorce, child custody, and domestic violence, which all have the effect of tearing apart the family unit. Along with that, a matter that most people do not consider that is detrimental to a family, is money and personal property. This is why it is essential that everyone have a will or some other form of estate planning.

Being a Florida Family Law Attorney, I have heard horrific stories about family members fighting over the deceased person’s money or personal property so badly that those family members never speak again. By having a will or estate plan, you can be the one who decides which family member gets what, so that it is not left to them to fight over. You should contact a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer or Estate Planning Attorney to discuss the options you can take to prevent your family from tearing itself apart.

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