Does a Divorcing Couple Need to Wait Before Filing Divorce?

Divorce is generally not something anyone is encouraged to rush out and do. While a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney can help you file divorce, your first call should be to a marriage counselor or someone who can hopefully help save your marriage.

But, it is not the law that you must make that phone call first; you can typically initiate divorce when you believe it necessary. However, some states are thinking about changing that rule. A state senator in Colorado, for example, has introduced a bill that requires parents of minor children to go through some educational classes before filing divorce. The classes explain the impact that divorce has on the children, and the parents must then wait before actually filing.

Another senator in Colorado introduced a similar bill several years ago, dubbed the “Dr. Laura” bill, after the popular talk-show host endorsed it. It did not pass, but the current bill’s supporters believe this time will be different because the new bill is more lenient and provides an exception for victims of abuse.

The bill was just recently proposed, and it is unclear how much, if any, support it will gather. If it gains popularity, perhaps other states, including Florida, could see similar bills proposed. In any event, contact a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney to help you through the process.

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