Signs You May Get Divorced in Florida

I’ve been doing Jacksonville, Florida divorce for almost ten years now, and I can see certain trends in Florida divorce. I do not advocate that all who fall into these categories will have a need for a Florida divorce lawyer, but the statistics are higher in the following categories: 1. If you’re a woman who got married before the age of 18, you are 48% more likely to require a Jacksonville divorce lawyer. 2. If you’re a woman who wants a child more than your spouse, your marriage is more likely to end in divorce than couples who agree on children. 3. If you have 2 sons, you face a 36.9% likelihood of needing a divorce lawyer in Florida whereas if you have 2 daughters, that figure rises to 43.1%. In sum, if you’re daughters are driving you crazy, contact me, a Jacksonville, Florida divorce lawyer, at 904-685-1200 for help in guiding you through the divorce process.

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