Divorce In Florida And Intentional Dissipation Of Assets

theft.jpgIn Florida, prior to the point at which a couple actually “files” for divorce, there is usually a breakdown period of time that the couple has gone through that has led to the actual divorce. This breakdown period can be a matter of only a month or may have been years. In the cases where this has been a longer period, as a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer, I have seen where one party used marital assets for his or her own benefit, outside of the marriage. This is called “intentional dissipation.”

To combat the benefited party receiving a disproportionate amount of marital assets in a divorce proceeding through equitable distribution, the Florida legislature allows the other party to prove the amount the benefited party used during the marriage. This amount is then put towards the amount the benefited party would receive and will count the amount taken by the other party as money the benefited party already received.

If you are considering divorce and have gone through a long breakdown period, contact a highly recommended Jacksonville Divorce Attorney who can track down the amount of marital assets your former spouse used outside your marriage.

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