Child Custody Evaluations In Florida: How Can They Hurt Or Help?

evaluation.jpgAs a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney, I often use a tool called a child custody evaluation in Florida. This tool is also called a “social investigation”. In highly contested custody cases in Florida, I use these social investigations for my client to show the benefits of my client to the children. In a child custody evaluation, an evaluator who has been appointed by the court will interview both parties, the children and any witnesses that the parties wish the evaluator to speak with. Then, using the factors set forth in Florida Statute 61.13, the evaluator will write a recommendation to the court and make a suggestion to the court as to which parent should be the childrens primary majority time-sharing parent. The courts tend to follow the evaluators’ reports most of the time so it is extremely important to have a Florida Child Custody Lawyer who is an expert in the field of reviewing and challenging social investigations or custody evaluations. Please call a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney today for assistance in any custody issue that you may have.

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