Divorce Affected by the Economy

divorce economy.jpgAn article titled, “Breaking up is hard to do because of the economy,” describes how many couples although wanting to file for divorce are stuck in their marriages because of financial woe’s. The article describes a couple who made the decision to end their marriage in the fall of 2008, but are still married and living under the same roof due to a combination of employment difficulties and the depressed housing market.

However, Linda Lea Viken, a family law lawyer in South Dakota and president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers stated, “the backlog is starting to break free.” As a Florida Family Law Lawyer, I have seen the amount of divorces begin to rise again as the economy is slowly getting better. If you have held of filing for divorce because of the economy, but now find yourself in a better position to file, contact a Florida Family Law Lawyer today.

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