How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Help You

prenup.jpegPrenuptial Agreements — “prenups” — are often looked at in a negative light. While they may protect someone’s assets, they are generally though of as being useful only after a divorce. Indeed, prenups basically operate under the assumption that the parties will eventually split.

Nevertheless, prenuptial agreements can be enormously beneficial. The reality is that a substantial number of marriages end in divorce and a properly written prenup can help you avoid a contentious divorce, high lawyer fees, and long court proceedings.

Further, there are more uses for prenuptial agreements than planning for divorce. In fact, prenups may also be used to protect the assets of one spouse in case of death. For example, let’s say you have a child from a previous marriage and are now engaged. What will happen to your assets if you die? Will your child — who is not the biological child of your new spouse — receive anything? Spouses are often given a large portion of assets in these situations, which is why a prenup may be appropriate to ensure your child will not be financially burdened in the event of your death.

Many people may continue to think of prenuptial agreements as reflecting some trust issues, but they are important tools for protecting your family. Contact a Florida Family Law Attorney to discuss how a prenup can benefit you and your family.

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