Alimony & Spousal Support in Florida

Alimony or spousal support in Florida comes in five (5) basic types which are:

  • 1.Permanent Alimony
  • 2. Lump Sum Alimony
  • 3. Temporary Alimony
  • 4. Rehabilitative Alimony
  • 5. Bridge the Gap Alimony

Most types of alimony or spousal support in Florida require the elements of need and ability to pay. For example, one spouse must show a need for alimony monies coupled with the other party’s ability to pay it. The length of the marriage is a statutory factor to consider but not considered to be an element.

At the present time, Florida does not have a standard alimony mathematical calculator to plug in the numbers and pull up the appropriate payment form. However, the legislature is presently working to provide practitioners with an alimony calculator similar to that of the child support payment calculator. If you need a Florida Family Lawyer to help you with an alimony or spousal support obligation, please call me at 904-685-1200 for expert advice.

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