Moving with Children in Florida: Can I Do It?

As a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney I often get asked about the ability of a parent to move. To move more than 50 miles, your Florida Divorce Lawyer will need to obtain court approval.

In Florida, the primary residential parent MUST notify the other parent, in writing, of his or her intent to relocate. The Notice of Relocation must be notarized and filed with the divorce court. The other parent has 30 days to file an Objection to Relocation before a Judge decides what is in the best interest of the children. It’s important to use a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney to make sure the Judge will be able to consider the testimony presented.

If the primary residential parent moves without proper Notice the judge can change custody to the other parent. If you or your spouse is considering moving your children, you should discuss your situation with a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney or Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer to protect your rights.

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