Grandparent Rights in Florida…Do They Exist?

Florida grandparent visitation

As a Florida Family Law Lawyer, I was recently asked by a grandparent about their rights to see and visit with their grandchild. The client stated, “my daughter isn’t allowing me or my Husband to see our grandchildren! I want to file a petition for grandparent visitation with the courts! Can you help me?”

Grandparent visitation is a common issue that is made worse by a Florida law which is unconstitutional in most circumstances. Even though Florida law says a grandparent can petition for visitation with their grandchildren, the United States Supreme Court has, in effect, struck down Florida’s law in some circumstances.

There are situations when we have been able to enforce grandparent’s rights. If you would like to discuss what options are available to you, please contact a Florida Family Law Lawyer or Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer to discuss your situation and what options you have to maintain your important relationship with your grandchildren.

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