The Dangers of Social Networking in Divorce

social media.jpgIf you are going through a divorce, it is very important that you try not to talk about it to too many people. It’s natural for you to vent your feelings and anger, but keep these conversations limited to close friends and family.

You should never discuss any aspect of your divorce on any social networking site, such as facebook and twitter. Not only can this start needless arguments online, but these arguments are archived essentially in stone. Even if you delete a comment or post, it has been archived on a computer that you likely do not have access to. In certain circumstances, this information can be subpoenaed or obtained through other methods and then used against you.

In fact, the lawyer for the other side may find a way to use social networking information against you, even if you think it’s something innocent. For example, if you have pictures of yourself at a bar, the opposing council could use it in a custody battle. Or, if you tell your former spouse that you don’t have any money, don’t post pictures of your new car on your profile.

If you are going through a divorce, contact a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney to help with your case.

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