Same-Sex Couples Provide Care and Support to Kids

2 moms with kids.jpgFlorida same-sex couples, Florida heterosexual couples . . . they both show concern when a family member is unable or unwilling to be the parent that every child deserves. If you have a sister, brother, or any relative who is unable to properly care for their child due to substance abuse, excessive partying, or other issues, you should consider speaking with a St. Augustine Family Law Attorney.

There are options that may enable you to temporarily take custody of a family member’s child or become that child’s guardian. If you are an extended family member of the child’s parent, and meet other qualifying requirements, you may petition the court under the Florida Law which allows for temporary custody of a minor child by an extended family member.

This law allows you to provide for the welfare of a minor child. Your temporary custody of a child, will allow the child’s parent to get the treatment that they need so they can eventually become a responsible and supportive parent. Having legal recognition of your role as temporary custodian is essential in allowing you to make decisions and obtain records pertaining to the medical, social and educational aspects of the child.

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