Florida Same-Sex Couples Face Same Financial Troubles as their Heterosexual Counterparts.

Debt.jpegGay, lesbian, and same-sex couples living in Jacksonville, Florida, know that they receive little, if any, benefits afforded to husband and wife. No benefits and no legal breaks, even when filing for bankruptcy. If you are a member of the LGBT community and need to file a Florida Bankruptcy, the bankruptcy laws do not provide equal protections.

The federal law DOMA (1996 Defense against Marriage Act) does not recognize same-sex marriages. Bankruptcy laws are federal laws, and therefore, the bankruptcy laws don’t benefit same-sex couples who must file for bankruptcy. For example, bankruptcy laws allow heterosexual married couples to keep enough property to support both husband and wife, but not for same-sex marriages. Same-sex couple are unable to file jointly with their partner, which causes additional expenses and complications for them.

If you live in Jacksonville, are in a same-sex relationship, and are contemplating filing bankruptcy, contact a Bankruptcy Attorney who will provide you with the guidance needed to direct your through the bankruptcy maze. To view various bankruptcy articles please visit our new Bankruptcy Blog site.

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