Remarriage And Alimony In Florida

ten cents.jpgThere are multitudes of divorce cases in Florida on a daily basis that involves one spouse paying alimony to the other. Alimony in Florida is generally awarded to maintain the quality of living of the receiving spouse because that spouse would not be able to do so on his or her own. There is a limitation that has been set so as to prohibit the receiving spouse from double dipping. One of the most common limitations is that of the ex-spouses’ remarriage. If the receiving spouse gets remarried and therefore has two incomes in his or her new family, he or she likely should no longer be eligible for spousal support in Florida. In addition, if the receiving spouse does not remarry but is shown to be in a “supportive relationship” then alimony in Florida will cease. If you are in the position where you ex-spouse is getting married or has remarried or is in a supportive relationship, you should contact a Florida Divorce Lawyer capable of guiding you on matters of alimony. If you are the receiving spouse and are considering getting remarried, you should contact a Jacksonville Alimony Attorney.

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