Wife loses Financial Support when Husband becomes Incapacitated.

A family member is not always qualified to act as guardian for a loved one who has been determined to be incapacitated, or unable to handle all, or some of the tasks necessary to care for themselves or their financial matters.

If you are the spouse or dependent of a person who has been deemed incapacitated, and who is under the control of a professional guardian, you may petition the court for an order directing the guardian of the property to contribute to your support from the property of the ward. A Ponte Vedra Guardianship Law Firm has the experience needed to petition the court for the support of a person financially dependent upon a ward. The court may enter an order for suitable support and education of the dependent person out of the ward’s property that is subject to the guardianship.

According to Florida guardianship statutes, a dependent means, in addition to those persons who are legal dependents of a ward under existing law, the person or persons whom the ward is morally or equitably obligated to aid, assist, maintain, or care for, based upon the showing of an existing need, and the ability of the ward to provide without unreasonably jeopardizing his or her own care.

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