Could Florida’s Obesity Problem Affect Your Divorce?

There’s no secret that America has a bit of a weight problem, and Florida is no exception. It seems like every time there’s a slow news week, the news networks run another story about our ever-expanding waistlines. But one aspect of the problem that does not get a whole lot of attention is the role it plays in relationships. It is awkward and uncomfortable to discuss. How, exactly, is a person supposed to tell his or her spouse that some added weight is a problem?

Apparently, many of these couples choose not to communicate. This unfortunately can lead to resentment and other problems. It is not unheard of that a couple eventually divorces over their inability to communicate with each other, stemming from one spouse being upset with the other’s extra few pounds.

Of course, having an overweight spouse is not a good reason to get divorced. The point is that this is just one more issue couples are facing, and it’s another reason why communication is so important in your marriage.

And the problems don’t end with the spouses: divorcing couples with children may find themselves fighting over custody of their child or children. This is often very contentious, and something a Family Law Attorney can help you through. During this proceeding, the court will usually consider what is in the best interest of the child, which is a passive way of saying the court might try to favor which parent is the “better” parent. This can encourage the parties to accuse each other of bad parenting, and a child’s obesity can come into play.

This may seem petty, but it could be an important factor in the court’s decision. For example, 2009, a boy in South Carolina was removed to foster care and his mother was charged with criminal neglect. Her crime? Allowing her 14-year-old son to weigh 555 pounds, putting him at risk of serious harm without intervention.

To summarize: junk food can cause problems you might not anticipate. If you and your spouse are having trouble, communicate with each other. Physical health often goes hand in hand with mental health, so perhaps a long walk would be a good time to talk and get moving at the same time. But, if you find yourself in need of a divorce attorney or are going through a custody battle, an Orange Park Divorce Attorney is just a call away to help you through this trying time.

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