Missing Michigan Boys Have Ties In Florida Divorce

1264297_to_the_light.jpgThis tragic story is one that I see all too often in my practice as a http://www.jacksonvillelawyer.pro/lawyer-attorney-1525907.html and Florida Child Custody Attorney. When couples are divorcing and child custody and child support are in issue, people often feel as if their entire world is collapsing around them and there is no solution in sight. I help those people find the solutions necessary to go forward in their lives. John Skelton, the father of the three missing boys out of Michigan, was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He and his wife were divorcing and he took his children from Michigan to Jacksonville Beach without the wife’s permission. The wife came to Florida and took the children home. Mr. Skelton obviously felt he had no more control in his life. The wife was divorcing him and he was going to have to pay child support. I can only speculate as to what occurred next but as of Tuesday afternoon, December 7, 2010, Mr. Skelton was arrested on three counts of parental kidnapping. No divorce or child custody case ever has to get to this point. Please seek an experienced child custody attorney in Florida or Jacksonville divorce lawyer to help you find the right solutions. There is always an answer, even when one feels there is no solution in sight.

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