Can the other parent of my child change the child’s name without my consent?

change.jpgObtaining a name change in Jacksonville, Florida is generally pretty straightforward, especially if you obtain a Jacksonville Name Change Attorney, as the process is typically uncontested. That being that case, a person can usually obtain a name change without much hassle. Obtaining a name change for a minor child, however, may involve some family law issues.

Family law in Florida — and any state, for that matter — can be a tricky issue for both the state legislatures and the courts. The general idea is that courts are busy enough and do not need to be inviting trouble.

This is the case with obtaining a name-change for a minor child. Where both parents agree to the name change, the process is usually smooth: a Jacksonville Name Change Attorney can help you prepare the documents and, so long as no issues arise, the name change should go through.

However, the statute that governs this issue requires that when only one parent files for a name change, the other parent must at least be notified. The court will likely hold a hearing on the matter and, if the other parent does not show up or does nothing within the required time period, the name change may go through. However, this process will be much more difficult if the other parent does not want the child’s name changed.

If you are considering a name change for yourself or minor child, contact a Jacksonville Name Change Attorney, who can help you through the process. Similarly, if the other parent of your minor child is filing a name change for the minor, contact a Jacksonville Name Change Attorney to discuss your options.

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