Marriage Equality Fight In New Jersey

Jacksonville LGBT--rights lawyer.jpgFlorida gay and lesbian community looks to the rest of the country to track the universal fight for marriage equality. In 2006, New Jersey, enacted a civil union bill. In 2008, a legislative review commission, concluded that civil unions are insufficient and do not provide equality. This past summer a new lawsuit was filed in the Garden State again demanding marriage equality.
The LGBT community in Jacksonville and all over the Sunshine State, demands equality as well. Without marriage Florida same-sex couples are denied workplace benefits and protections equal to those accorded to married people. Florida may have a long road ahead for gay relationships and the benefits gay couples receive.

As the fight for equality continues, it is of the utmost importance for those in relationships to learn about the various ways that legal documents may protect these relationships. Whether it be the preparation of gay estate planning documents, or domestic partnership agreements, talking with a Jacksonville Attorney who focuses on LGBT issues is recommended.

Having a Jacksonville lawyer prepare gay and lesbian legal documents can help to ensure that you, and not your family (parents, siblings), or the State of Florida will make the decisions as to what happens to your property once you pass away. To schedule a consultation with a Jacksonville Law Firm that is sensitive to the needs of those in same-sex relationships contact a Jacksonville LGBT Rights Attorney

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