Stress and Seperation

custody.jpgTimesharing after a divorce is often the most highly contentious and stressful issue that can stem from a couple separating. Parents and courts alike are very concerned with the child(ren) maintaining a loving and healthy relationship with both parents. In order to maintain such a relationship many parents going through a divorce would like to see an order granting 50/50 timesharing.

However, as a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney I am aware that the courts often discourage 50/50 timesharing arrangements. Why is this so? Well, many children young and old experience high stress levels and difficulty handling the disruptions that comes along with switching back and forth between mom and dad.

If you are a parent seeking divorce and worry how a timesharing schedule might end up in your case contact a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney today for the information you may need in developing the best schedule for you and your child(ren).

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