How To Make Timesharing Exchanges Go Smoothly has posted an article titled, “Top Ten Ways to Make a Child Custody Exchange Go Smoothly.”

The article’s suggestions for making timesharing exchanges go smoothly are: (1) Follow your Parenting Plan, (2) Keep it Simple, (3) Arrive on Time, (4) Keep Everyone Updated, (5) Pick Up and Drop Off at School, (6) Neutral Locations for Exchanges, (7) When Exchanging at Home, be Respectful, (8) Communicate with Children, (9) Communicate with the Other Parent and (10) Change the Timesharing as Needed to Meet the Changing Needs of the Children.

As a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer I recommend all parents that are splitting time with their children read this article. It is a nice refresher for parents as they start the new year.

If you are recently divorce and have a timesharing schedule that is simply not working out as planned contact a Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer to schedule a free consultation. A Jacksonville Family Law Lawyer can discuss all possible options on getting your Parenting Plan modified.

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