Divorce and Bankruptcy.

bk.jpgAs a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer I deal with other areas of law on a continuous basis. Specifically, I run into issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure and domestic violence. This is because the clients I represent have a life full of issues, just as everyone else does. Recently, I’ve been dealing with bankruptcies and foreclosures within my divorce cases.

One of the main questions I hear from clients is can obligations of child support and/or alimony be discharged within a bankruptcy. The answer is NO! Let me say it this way: not all debts are able to be discharged (wiped away) under bankruptcy. Some of these debts include child support, alimony, or other spousal support obligations.

However, as a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer, I also have to consider whether during a divorce it would benefit my client to file for bankruptcy, whether the parties should file for a bankruptcy jointly, or wait to file alone after the divorce is final.

When these questions are posed it is of great help to have the assistance of a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney. Here at Law Office of David M. Goldman I often sit down with my clients and the firm’s Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney to develop the best plan of action. This can be of vital importance for a client’s financial well being.

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and are considering divorce but are worried about the affect a divorce will have on your finances contact a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer along with a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss your case. Free consultations are available.

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