Bankruptcy After Divorce

The process of obtaining a divorce can be an expensive process, one that leaves many people in debt and possibly looking to file bankruptcy. Before you make any of these decisions, you should make sure to contact a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney or a Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss your situation as your options can often be complicated and confusing.

For example, many people think all of their credit card debts will be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding. This is not necessarily true. If you file for divorce and a judge issues a final order of divorce, you will likely be responsible for any debts listed in that order. So, if a divorce order gives you the car, your spouse the boat, and splits the credit card debt between the both of you, you will likely not be able to discharge that credit card debt in a later bankruptcy proceeding.

There are exceptions to this rule, but the laws can be very complicated. Make sure to contact a Jacksonville Divorce Attorney if you are thinking of filing for divorce or post divorce bankruptcy.

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