Divorce and its Impact on your Children

There are obviously many considerations that revolve around the decision to get a divorce. How a marital split will affect your children is likely on the top of that list, as it should be. Divorce has a profound effect on kids, and it’s important you try to proceed with your divorce in a way that that has the least harmful effect on your kids.

It has been known for some time that young children of divorce are more likely to suffer from psychological issues, such as anxiety, loneliness, and lasting impacts in interpersonal skills. Further, a recent study suggests that young children of divorce are more likely to suffer decreases in math scores in the years following their parents’ separation. A more positive finding, however, was that reading scores were unaffected. Further, children did not appear to be at higher risk for more aggressive behavior, such as arguing, fighting, or anger.

Nevertheless, divorce is a trying situation for all involved. Children are especially susceptible to lasting psychological issues, which is why it’s important that you deal with your divorce in a way that minimizes some of this stress. If you’re considering filing for divorce, make sure you contact a knowledgeable Florida Divorce Attorney to help make the process a little more bearable.

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