Getting A Divorce? Watch Out For Hidden Assets!

asset paperwork.jpgWhen going through a divorce in Jacksonville, Florida, it is so important to hire a Florida divorce lawyer because spouses have to deal with so many issues such as child custody, child support and alimony in Florida. Those issues do not address the division of assets and debts in Florida which the parties will have to address. This division can be especially difficult when a spouse is hiding assets. Many times in a Florida divorce, one spouse is the primary money manager, and the other spouse has very little or nothing to do with the finances in the marriage. But in divorce in Jacksonville, Florida, both spouses have to know about all of the assets and liabilities as this will affect how the parties’ property is divided and determine the amount of alimony to which a spouse may be entitled. You should contact a Florida divorce attorney to ensure proper reporting of all assets and debts so that the final outcome is truly fair and equitable for you.

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