Florida Annulment: Can Be Granted Due To Lies Before Marriage

no lies.jpgLiving and practicing as a Florida divorce attorney and Jacksonville family lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, I have noticed an up surge in people lying to their future spouse during courtship. Many times, the couple gets married based on these lies. It is not until after the wedding that the lies surface leaving a spouse hurt and confused. The court has come to call these lies “fraud”. If the hurt party can show that he or she relied on these lies that he or she was told to enter into the marriage, a Florida Family Law court may rule that but/for the “fraud”, the hurt spouse would not have entered into the marriage. If you think you were told lies by your spouse before your marriage and you relied on those lies in making your decision to marry your spouse, you could be eligible for an annulment in Florida. Please contact a Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer to arrange your free consultation.

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